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Studio Menon

Studio Menon was born in the late Eighties in Bassano del Grappa (VI), Italy. An initial collaboration with Accountant Antonio Marchi evolved, in 1991, into a new partnership, the Associated Studio Marchi&Menon.

Through the years the Studio acquired a rich consulting experience in the field of ordinary and extraordinary business operations, corporate restructuring and asset reorganisation. 

In 1993 Studio Marchi&Menon moved to Via Barbieri, always in Bassano del Grappa. The collaboration with Accountant Antonio Marchi terminated in 2001 and the same time Studio Menon moved to the current location in Via Verci no.40, where Professionals operate who are specialised in the different areas of business management.

Dr. Antonio Menon is a promoter and a founding partner of Integra Business Consulting.
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Dott. Antonio Menon
Dott. Antonio Menon

Chartered Accountant


Dott.ssa Elena Marchi

Chartered Accountant - Auditor

Dott. Davide Cocco

Dott. Luca Aversa

Luca Menon

Lisa Ganeo