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Studio Cunico was born in Thiene in 1973 in conjunction with the coming into effect of the law regarding the application of the Value Added Tax. In earlier times the activity is focused on workers in the agricultural sector. In the subsequent years the Studio grows to become one of the reference firms in a regional context, because of the range and quality of its services.Thereafter Studio Cunico widens its range and acquires a primary role, in the local context, on issues pertaining metalworking, electronic, and real estate industries.
The offices are currently located in Thiene, at Via Monsignor Pertile, 30, in a building context called “la vecchia Filanda,” the result of a project aimed at valorising an early-Twentieth Century industrial complex, now completely restored.

Giulio Cunico is a promoter and a founding partner of Integra Business Consulting.
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Rag. Giulio Cunico
Rag. Giulio Cunico



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