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Studio Costenaro was born in Molvena in 1997 moving then to Mason Vicentino in 1999, after the start of a collaboration with Dr. Massimo Pavan. Studio Pavan-Costenaro, by operating in all sectors and by widening through time the range of services offered to its customers, quickly became a reference point in its area, and, thanks to constant diligence, quickly grew in terms of clientele and studio collaborations. The collaboration with Dr. Massimo Pavan ended in 2011 and, at the same time, the studio moved to the new offices in Marostica, at Via Montegrappa, 27/B, becoming an active part of Integra Business Consulting. 

The variety of its clientele allowed it to gain experience in the specific and peculiar nature of many economic sectors, also gaining, at the same time, experience in terms of business consultancy, auditing, and economic and financiary strategies.
Studio Costenaro, young, dynamic, and technologically advanced, wants to sustain and support the customer in making their strategic choices which can be, at this time of global economic evolution, aimed at both a national and an international environment, relying on the experience of the members and partners - national and international - of Integra Business Consulting.

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Dott. Fausto Costenaro
Dott. Fausto Costenaro

Chartered Accountant


Dott. Paolo Novello

Chartered Accountant - Auditor

Dott.ssa Elena Mezzalira

Chartered Accountant - Auditor

Dott. Nicola Forner

Chartered Accountant - Auditor

Francesca Costenaro

Moresco Letizia